• Linear Drive Stages
    Our linear drive stages are available on all system models and provide the accuracy and repeatability needed to pattern small features day in and day out.
  • Optics
    Our Fast Switch Optics option allows users to pattern different size features using different reduction lenses for faster throughput.
  • Photoresist
    Standard photoresist patterning to make masks is available on all of our SF-100 models.
  • Cylindrical Patterning
    Patterning on cylinders is simple, using our rotational substrate stage. Here, parallel lines are patterned along the length of a 1 cm diameter tube.
  • SF-100 XCEL
    The SF-100 XCEL can be fitted with a manual stage.

RAVE N.P., Inc. Announces New Maskless Lithography Division

Delray Beach, Florida, April 26, 2016 – Today RAVE N.P., Inc. announced the establishment of a new corporate division called “Advanced Micro Patterning” (AMP).

RAVE N.P., Inc. formed the new division after acquiring certain assets of the St. Petersburg, FL operation of Intelligent Micro Patterning LLC (IMP). AMP will be headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida and provide maskless lithography products to industry and academia. These products are based on the Smart Filter Technology and patents exclusively licensed from the University of South Florida. The new division will be able to immediately provide the SF-100 XCEL, SF-100 XPRESS and SF-100 XTREME products that were developed and commercialized by IMP. AMP will also provide support for past IMP customers who have already purchased these systems.

RAVE LLC and RAVE N.P., Inc. CEO, Barry Hopkins stated, “We are excited to add AMP to our portfolio of high technology companies. AMP’s technology and customer base will open many new market opportunities for our companies. We are also pleased to announce that Dr. Jay Sasserath will lead the new operation as General Manager of the Business Unit. Jay is the founder of Intelligent Micro Patterning and has extensive experience in the MEMS and other niche market segments, which are expected to fuel AMP’s growth.”

About RAVE N.P., Inc.
RAVE N.P., Inc. is a subsidiary of RAVE LLC. Other RAVE N.P., Inc. divisions include ECO-SNOW SYSTEMS based in Livermore, California, specializing in precision cryogenic surface process equipment with a broad range of cleaning applications for the micro-electronics industry. RAVE N.P., Inc. is tasked with the mission of selecting, acquiring and managing high technology companies that strengthen RAVE’s existing core technical competence while bringing new markets and growth opportunities to RAVE and its subsidiaries.

RAVE LLC is a global supplier of advanced process solutions to the Semiconductor and Photomask making industries. Since 2000, RAVE has been recognized as a leading-edge manufacturing equipment supplier. RAVE's current flagship products are the Merlin®-G mask repair system, focused on 15 nanometer photomask manufacturing and the Rhazer® haze removal system capable of through-pellicle removal of photo-induced defects in the wafer fab. These latest product lines provide critical process technology expected to bring enormous cost savings and technical benefits to advanced mask and semiconductor manufacturers around the world. RAVE LLC is headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida, USA and maintains sales and service offices in Asia, Europe and the USA. All product and service names are trademarks or registered trademarks.

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