Advanced Micro Patterning’s patent pending, newly introduced AccuraTEMP Hot Plate provides exceptionally accurate temperature control.

This is the ideal hot plate when your process requires changing temperature or active heating and cooling. The easy to use digitally controlled unit allows you to temperature cycle and very accurately control substrate temperature for dynamic processes.

• 150mm x 150mm active area standard. Larger and custom sizes can be quoted.

• Vacuum chucking ensures good contact between substrate and hot plate

• 110V/220V compatible.

• 1 year parts and labor warranty.

• Controlled heating and cooling at temperatures from 15ᵒC to 200ᵒC.

• Touch screen interface for easy programming.

• Tethered touchpad controller allows for remote use in fume hoods and glove boxes.

• Simple ASCII protocol for external control and integration via serial/ethernet interface.

• Programmable heat and cool ramp rates.

• Temperature uniformity +/- 1.0% of setpoint.

• Outperforms standard hot plates

• SU8 processing

• Resist flowing for sloping/lens fabrication

• Thick resist materials

• Non-photoresist applications where both accurate heating and cooling is required in steps of 1ᵒC

Click here to download the AccuraTEMP brochure with typical temperature profile data.

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