• Linear Drive Stages
    Our linear drive stages are available on all system models and provide the accuracy and repeatability needed to pattern small features day in and day out.
  • Optics
    Our Fast Switch Optics option allows users to pattern different size features using different reduction lenses for faster throughput.

Customer Service

Our customer service group is always available to support our current and future customers.  This dedicated group of individuals provides you with a resource that can help you get the most from your AMP investment.  Areas they can help you with include:

• On-site field service
• Training of new personnel
• Parts procurement
• System documentation
• OEM data sheets and manuals
• Upgrades and enhancements that are available for your system
• And any other help that you need to keep your SF-100 running smoothly and without issue

To contact our customer service group, please email us at service@amicropatterning.com or call us at 561-330-0411, ext. 5.