In our business, each system we ship includes different customer specific requirements and capabilities. We offer this customization through a number of upgrades that are available for your SF-100 system. Some of the more common upgrades are listed below. Note that each upgrade may not be available on each SF-100 model, so check with your local sales representative to determine which options can help you solve your most difficult processing problems.

Please contact AMP directly or your local AMP sales professional to review any of the below options and get the most from your SF-100 investment

Rotational Substrate Stage

We have been patterning non-flat substrates since the inception of our company in 2001. Our rotational substrate stage provides a 5th axis of motion to our standard stage offerings, allowing the user to process cylindrical substrates. These substrates vary in sizes between 1mm diameter and larger than 14 inches, so we can provide the right handler you need for your application. Click Here to download the Rotational Substrate Stage brochure.

Extended Warranties and Maintenance Contracts

Although the SF-100 is field-proven to be reliable, some customers utilize extended warranties to guarantee their maintenance costs duriing the first years of system operation. As a result we offer extended warranties and maintenance contracts on all SF-100 systems at the time of system purchase.

Wafer Level Automation

For user's operating in production or pilot line operations, AMP offers fully automated systems through either cassette to cassette processing and even cluster tool configurations. Using industry proven robotics and software architecture, we can provide custom solutions to ensure high throughput and wafer output to these commercial customers.

Porous Granite Chucks

Need to work with flexible substrates? Standard vacuum chucks distort these during exposure which will cause many problems. AMP has developed our own porous granite chucks to eliminate these issues and easily process thin films or flexible substrates.

Larger Stage Options

We offer a number of different types of stages for different substrate applications. Although standard configurations are quoted with all
SF-100 systems, we can always modify these standard stages to support larger substrates. These increased size units are needed for large area patterning in the areas of solar research and display development.

Additional Reduction Optics

Since we design our optics kits as modular subassemblies, you can always purchase additional reduction lenses to alter your exposure pixel size as your needs change. These standard products are typically available with short lead times, so you can easily and quickly modify your system to accommodate the latest technological innovations and developments in your area of expertise.

Controlled Environmental Process Chamber (CEPC)

Ensure a contamination free process through the use of this option. Eliminate water vapor and/or oxygen in the environment, process in an inert environment or even process at vacuum pressures. All are available using the CEPC and easily implemented on your SF-100 XPRESS or
SF-100 XTREME system.

Sub-Micron Smart Filter

Process features less than 1 micron in size using our advanced Sub-Micron Smart Filter assembly. This feature is available on all three
SF-100 models and can be upgraded to existing SF-100 XCEL,
SF-100 XPRESS or SF-100 XTREME customers.

Multiwavelength Spectrometer

Measure energy intensities for wavelengths between 200-1100 nm easily and quickly using this easy to use option. Available on all three SF-100 models, measurements can be made at the wafer level or at any location in the optical path. Due to its modular design, this instrument can be integrated on existing customers' systems in the field.