A great introductory system for new lithography areas or unique cost sensitive applications. The SF-100 XCEL provides features down to sub-micron, with different staging options ranging from manual to fully automated.
A flexible AMP product with a large install base, the SF-100 XPRESS is an ideal choice for researchers who need flexibility at a great price.  All SF-100 options are available on this system, so it can be customized to your exact specifications.
Advanced Micro Patterning’s patent pending, newly introduced AccuraTEMP Hot Plate provides exceptionally accurate temperature control.
For customers that need high speed processing, but change configurations often, the SF-100 LIGHTNING is the system of choice.  High power LED light source, confocal laser focusing and advanced software ensures your success.
A high throughput SF-100 LIGHTNING with many standard upgrades including processing down to 0.6 micron, 3 reduction lenses, fast switch optics, and vibration isolation table.


Your customers are demanding new, brilliant, innovative products. Manangement is pushing you to develop these products at low cost and very quickly. How can you do this and satisfy everyone's demands? With the help of Advanced Micro Patterning's patented technology and experienced staff, even the toughest technical challenges can be overcome, within budget, and on time. We excel at developing new and unique solutions for difficult,previously considered impossible, technical challenges.

Advanced Micro Patterning has developed multiple distinct product lines that are available to help you develop new technological products and solutions. These maskless exposure systems are available for microlithographic processing of new and unique devices. Each system offers its own advantages and options that allow you to customize a solution to meet your needs.

To learn more about AMP's Maskless Lithography Product, download the AMP Products Brochure here or just click on the appropriate system name to learn more about these product lines and how we can help you exceed your goals.