• Greyscale Lithography
    Greyscale lithography capability is standard on all SF-100 systems we sell. Here, we have patterned a sloped edge into positive photoresist using our high resolution optics.
  • SF-100 XTREME
    The SF-100 XTREME is available to support standard substrates as large as 300mm x 300mm and can be designed for even larger substrates.
  • Greyscale Patterning
    Greyscale patterning is an effective method for providing slopes to both large and small features. It is available on all of our SF-100 models.
  • Optics
    Our Fast Switch Optics option allows users to easily change from one reduction lens to another automatically and quickly.
  • Manual Stage
    The manual stage option for the SF-100 XCEL provides ease of use at a low price.

All products produced by Advanced Micro Patterning can be used for device fabrication in a number of different areas. Some of the markets that we serve are shown below.