Based on the wildly successful SF-100 XPRESS, the SF-100 Lightning improves upon the XPRESS design by offering the same great flexible system that can now perform at high speeds.

Through improved software control algorithms, the use of a high power LED light source and integrating confocal laser focusing, the SF-100 Lightning is designed for the R&D user who needs to produce a lot of product of varying applications, substrate sizes, materials and thicknesses.


• High power LED light source provides energies at both 385nm and 405nm, ensuring compatibility with most commercial photoresists, polyimides, and SU8.

• Zero consumables on the system, ensure low operating costs.

• Field proven optical design integrated with patented Smart Filter Technology.

• Integrated CCD camera for in-line substrate viewing, supporting standard optical functions, such as auto focus and level-to-level alignment.

• Fully automated XYZ stage provides 1 button operation and auto stitching for large substrates.

• User friendly based software integrates all systems functions, while providing an open platform for software customization and integration with other systems.

• Labwindows™ based Vision Developers Module provides the basis for all camera functions on the system, ensuring reliability and ease of customization.

• Rapid prototyping of new designs and ideas without the need for costly photomasks

• AMP’s legendary customer service, engineering, and support services ensure your success.

• Complete 2 year warranty, including customer training at factory acceptance and at the customer site.

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