The new SF-100 XCEL has been developed for a wide range of lithography applications. AMP has taken the same UV optics that are used on other SF-100 models and packaged them in a simple, very reliable system that can provide for sub-micron features.

Since these processes use standard photoresists, polyimides, or SU8 materials, the SF-100 XCEL integrates easily into your existing photolithography line. The applications for this system are endless. Use the SF-100 XCEL to train students in basic processing, pattern a variety of features for all of you applications, and even perform lithography on curved substrates. All of these capabilities are available to you at a low system price.

• Mercury arc lamp provides standard g-, h-, and i-line energies for compatibility with most commercial photoresists, polyimides, and SU8. Ensures low operational cost, typically less than $2000 per year.

• Small system footprint: 30 ” high x 26” deep x 44 ” wide. Easily fits on a benchtop.

• Field-proven optical design integrated with patented Smart Filter Technology.

• Integrated CCD camera for in-line substrate viewing.

• Labwindows™ based software integrates all systems functions, while providing an open platform for software customization and integration with other systems.

• Labwindows™ based Vision Developers Module provides the basis for all camera functions on the system, ensuring reliability and versatility.

• Rapid prototyping of new designs and ideas without the need for costly photomasks.

• AMP’s legendary customer service, engineering, and support services ensure your success.

• Choose your stage: Manual stage, 60mm x 60mm XY Linear Drive Stage, or No Stage. Configure the system based on what your research requires and your budget allows.

Click here to download the SF-100 XCEL brochure.

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