SF-100 System Software

At the heart of our system is our proprietary SF-100 control software.  This package has been developed by combining many years of processing know-how with advanced control algorithms to provide the user with a package that is robust and easy to use.

The software is written in a National Instruments LabWindows environment.  This offers our customers many advantages, such as being able to easily contour the software to your specifications, use NI LabWindows commercially available packages to support common software functions, and add new features quickly and easily.  A sample screen is shown below.

Our customers also enjoy free software upgrades through the life of their equipment, so you will always have the latest software to optimize your system performance and process capabilities.

We would be happy to demonstrate the software directly to you via a one-on-one presentation or over the web.  Please contact your local sales representative for more information on the SF-100 product line or to schedule a live demo of our equipment.